Best CDL Practice Test Websites

Posted On August 29, 2018 Blog,Truck Accidents by John Allen Phebus

Trucking is an in-demand industry. Thanks to shortages in long-haul trucking drivers, companies are promising everything from signing bonuses to high hourly wages in exchange for a contract. This makes getting a commercial driver’s license (CDL) an enticing prospect. Commercial truck driving can lead to a good career, but first drivers must get their CDL by passing an exam. Preparing for this examination requires knowledge of state regulations and appropriate driving behavior.

Use this list of resources to better prepare for your upcoming CDL examination:

The Free General Knowledge Practice Test

Many drivers feel confident about the practical portion of a CDL licensing process but might feel apprehensive about the General Knowledge Test. This written portion of the licensing process is full of technical questions and information that even the most seasoned of CDL drivers might not feel confident answering. One of the best ways to prepare is by utilizing free resources such as practice tests. This Free General Knowledge Practice Test uses information picked from the 2018 official Arizona manual for CDL drivers. This helps ensure the eventual test will closely resemble what drivers see on this practice test.

There’s no time limit for this test, so be sure to read the directions and questions carefully. One of the main reasons drivers fail their CDL exam is lack of proper preparation. Use this testing tool as a way to learn more about the official test. Make notes for each question and review any test items that seem confusing. It might be a good idea to run through the test once or twice to see what types of questions require more time for you to consider, or lead to persistent issues. By the time the real test time rolls around, answering the questions should seem like second nature.

The Arizona General Knowledge CDL Practice Test

Another good resource is the Arizona General Knowledge CDL Practice Test. This test, offered by a third-party site, E Permit Test, is a good way to get well-rounded information about the general knowledge portion of the CDL exam. It focuses on the major areas of testing, including required safety equipment, applicable state and federal regulations that apply to truck, hours of service, maintenance schedules, and more. It’s a good idea to take both the Free General Knowledge Practice Test and the Arizona General Knowledge CDL Practice Test to experience different kinds of questions and ensure adequate preparation for the actual exam day.

Review the Arizona CDL Manual

The Arizona CDL Manual will tell drivers everything they need to know about the laws and regulations that govern trucking within the state of Arizona. It provides information on driving safely, the effective and safe transportation of cargo and passengers, the types of commercial vehicles and how they differ in operation, and more. Drivers will also learn about safety inspections, routine maintenance, hazardous materials regulations, and even specialty CDL designations like school buses Reviewing this manual will not only give drivers an idea of the basic requirements of having a CDL but also information valuable to any specialty endorsements.

Practice Builds Confidence

There’s a lot of preparation involved in obtaining your Arizona CDL, and the amount of information to sift through and recall for testing can be overwhelming. However, drivers who prepare for the test by taking practice exams are far more likely to succeed and more quickly obtain their CDL than those that don’t. Utilizing these resources will give you greater confidence, and eliminate much of the stress that can otherwise accompany the process. Take these and other exams as often as necessary to best prepare and build that confidence.