The problem of COPD misdiagnosis

Posted On July 10, 2015 I Medical Malpractice

Arizona residents should be aware that there is a risk that some health care practitioners will misdiagnose of fail to diagnose chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. A study conducted by the University of Birmingham and the Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group in the United Kingdom highlighted these risks.

The last laugh in medical malpractice

Posted On July 2, 2015 I Medical Malpractice

In Arizona, medical malpractice cases often fall into one of several categories, including hospital errors, nursing errors, surgical errors and birth injuries. There are, of course, also wrongful death claims brought in worst-case instances of doctor negligence.

It’s extremely rare to see a doctor penalized for medical malpractice by a jury for trash-talking, insulting and mocking a patient.

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