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A car accident can significantly impact your life, leading to lost wages, the potential of long-term medical bills, and even affect your ability to earn. When someone or something else caused your car accident, you could be entitled to compensation to cover the costs associated with your injuries. As we’ll discuss, these include any impact your accident has upon your health, ability to earn, and your vehicle.

One of the experienced Scottsdale car accident lawyers from The Law Offices of John Phebus is standing by to discuss options on your car accident, and read on to learn more.

Common Causes of Car Accidents You Could Be Entitled to Damages For

The way that the law applies to the unique facts and circumstances of your case will determine if another party is liable for your damages. What matters is who or what caused the accident and where legal responsibility lies. When the insurance company agrees that the party was liable, or if you must bring them to court then the judge or jury, you are entitled to complete compensation for the damages that you can prove.

Common causes of accidents you could recover damages for include:

  • Distracted driving
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Fatigued or drowsy driving
  • Vehicle or equipment malfunctions

Determining what the other driver was doing in the moments before they hit you can be difficult if not impossible for you to know. You were paying attention to the road and driving responsibly, and with the assistance of a Scottsdale car accident lawyer, evidence will be collected to prove the other driver’s liability.

Your Scottsdale Car Accident Lawyer Builds Your Claim and Collects Your Damages

Connecting with an attorney as soon as possible after you have sought out emergency medical care for your injuries will support the best possible outcome in your case. If we take your case, we get started immediately by collecting evidence to determine the cause of the accident.

You can only collect compensation in accidents when another party is legally liable for the damages. Your attorney helps determine by applying the law to the unique facts and circumstances of your accident. When it is determined from this initial assessment that there is a party at fault, and they are adequately insured, we will move your case to the next stage and begin representation on your case as your engaged lawyer.

When another party is liable, they will be responsible for your damages, and you can only collect damages that you can prove. The next step includes helping you schedule follow-up appointments with medical and occupational experts to collect evidence to prove your damages. These numbers are incorporated into your claim that your lawyer will negotiate for you every step of the way.

Medical experts measure the long-term costs like treatment, medication, and rehabilitation linked to your injuries. Occupational experts measure the impact of your long-term symptoms on your ability to earn and support yourself and your family. Your local Scottsdale car accident lawyer has a network of these professionals and will schedule your appointments for you.

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