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Scottsdale Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog bites in the United States are more common than you might think, and according to the National Institute of Health there are an average of more than 330,000 dog bites that result in hospitalization each year. Of these, around 60,000 dog bite injuries result in hospital admission. Clearly, dog bite injuries can be serious, as can the associated medical costs and any impact they might have upon your ability to earn.

If you have bitten by a dog, a dedicated Scottsdale dog bite attorney from The Law Offices of John Phebus Glendale Criminal and Personal Injury Lawyer is standing by to review the unique facts of your injury. Read on to learn more about your rights after a dog bite in Arizona, and how an attorney can help you recover what you are entitled to.

Arizona Dog Bite Laws Support Recovery For Many Dog Bite Injuries

Under Arizona dog bite law, the owner of a dog that bites a person will be liable for the damages suffered by the person bitten if that person was in a public place, or legally in a private place. The private place includes the home of the dog owner, and if the person bitten was legally there, meaning they were not trespassing, the owner will be liable for the associated damages.

The owner of the dog is liable for damages regardless of the former viciousness of the dog, or the dog owner’s knowledge of the viciousness of the dog. This is compared to other states that require that a dog must have previously bitten a person or be known to be vicious for the owner to be liable. Such laws can allow a dog owner to escape liability for the damages from the first attack of a dog, but this is not how it works in Arizona. If a dog bites you, the owner will be liable for your damages so long as you were in a public place or not trespassing.

Applying the law and the outcome of other related cases is how the outcome of your case will be determined. Working with an experienced lawyer helps to ensure that your claim is accurately computed, and submitted on time and in the proper format. When we take your case, we only get paid if we win out of a portion of the earnings we’ll agree upon before getting started, so you can rest-assured we will fight for the highest possible compensation the evidence allows.

Discuss Options on Your Scottsdale Dog Bite with an Attorney

Working with an attorney helps to ensure that your damages are completely and accurately measured and proven with evidence, and that the best possible compensation is recovered in your case. The insurance companies will do whatever they can to deny or reduce your claim, and working with an attorney helps to ensure that you recover what you deserve so you and your family aren’t left covering the costs associated with your dog bite injury in the future.

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