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A dog bite is a serious incident that could inflict life-changing injuries on a victim. Dog bites can cause painful puncture wounds, lacerations, permanent scarring, disfigurement, infections and wrongful death. It can also cause significant emotional trauma. If you or a loved one is a dog bite victim, contact the Peoria dog bite lawyers at The Law Offices of John Phebus as soon as possible for a free consultation. We discuss potential claims with new clients at no cost or obligation.

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Dog Bite Laws in Arizona

Understanding Arizona’s unique dog bite laws will be important for your case in Peoria. A Peoria dog bite attorney from The Law Offices of John Phebus can break down Arizona’s dog bite statutes as well as explain how they might apply to your case. An attorney may be able to position dog bite laws in your favor as a victim.

Arizona Revised Statute 11-1025 states that the owner of a dog that bites someone will be liable regardless of the question of negligence on the dog owner’s part. Even if the pet owner had no reason to suspect the viciousness of the dog, he or she will be strictly liable if the dog bites someone. The only exceptions are if the dog was performing police or military work or if the dog was reacting to harassment or provocation.

Who Is Liable for Damages in a Dog Bite Case?

Arizona’s strict liability dog bite law means the pet owner will be financially responsible for a victim’s damages in most cases. State law holds dog owners automatically liable for injuries their pets cause, with or without proof of negligence. The liable party will have to pay for the victim’s medical bills, lost wages, emotional suffering and other damages through his or her property insurance. Without property insurance, the defendant may have to pay out of pocket for a victim’s losses.

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Arizona Leash Law

Arizona has a few laws in place to help prevent dog attacks. One is the leash law (Arizona Revised Statute 11-1012). The state’s leash law makes it illegal to allow a vicious dog or a female dog during breeding time to run at large. Owners must keep these pets on leashes. It is also against the law to have an unleashed dog in a rabies quarantine area, a public park or public school property. The only exception is while exhibiting or training the dog at a recognized event at the park or school. All dogs over three months of age must wear collars or harnesses with valid license tags attached while running at large in Arizona.

Dog Bite Statistics

Serious dog bites occur often in the US. According to injury statistics, every person in the US has about a 1 in 50 chance of a dog bite injury. Nearly 1 in 5 dog bite injuries become infected. In 201, pet owners paid out $797 million to dog bite injury victims via homeowners insurance claims. The average cost per injury claim has more than doubled in the last 15 years due to increased medical costs and larger settlements and judgment awards. The average price of a dog-bite related hospital stay is currently $18,200. Each year, dog bite victims collectively lose about $1 billion in monetary expenses.

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