What Do Defense Lawyers Do?

Posted On March 12, 2019 COVID-19 Resources,Criminal Defense

If you are facing criminal charges in Arizona, you will need to obtain a criminal defense lawyer to represent you during the trial process. A criminal defense lawyer serves many purposes and can provide a multitude of benefits if you are facing criminal charges in Arizona. Not only does this attorney represent you in the courtroom, but he or she will also communicate with you throughout the entire process and argue for the best possible outcome.

How Is a Defense Lawyer Assigned to Your Case?

You may contact your Glendale criminal defense lawyer directly or you could receive a court-appointed attorney. It is within your constitutional rights to have legal counsel if you are facing criminal charges. Public criminal defense lawyers may not have as high legal fees as private attorneys, but they also tend to have a higher caseload and less time to devote to clients.

Initial Case Interview

The first time you meet with your criminal defense attorney, he or she will sit down and discuss the details of your case with you. The purpose of these initial case interviews is to obtain as much information as possible to gain a clear picture of your situation. Your attorney will ask specific questions to assess various strengths and weaknesses to determine a case strategy. With this case strategy, you and your attorney can begin to build a case.

Thorough Case Investigation

After your initial case interview, the criminal defense attorney will begin to conduct a thorough investigation into the facts of your case. The purpose of this investigation is to determine any potential pathways to argue for your acquittal. Your attorney will visit the police who arrested you and ask them about various procedures and evidence used to charge you.

In addition, your attorney may interview various witnesses and ask them information about the case, collecting information to use in your defense. If the prosecution uses an expert witness in the case, your attorney will interview him or her about his or her testimony and the evidence involved. Your attorney may also review the prosecution’s case to find any holes in their arguments and ways to present evidence to benefit your case.

Communications With Clients

Throughout your case, your criminal defense lawyer will stay in contact with you so you remain up to date about the status of your case. He or she will inform you of any new developments and prepare you for upcoming court dates, as well as help you understand the potential consequences of a conviction. Your communications with your attorney should remain confidential. Evidence

Review and Analysis

In addition to assisting you throughout the case process, your attorney will conduct an investigation into the evidence collected by law enforcement. Your attorney will carefully study all the facts, arguments, and hypotheses as related to your arrest and potential conviction. He or she may take the evidence to an independent labor expert for testing. By analyzing this evidence, your attorney will determine if any exonerating evidence is present.

Jury Selection and Review

The court will assemble a jury of your peers to oversee your trial. Without your attorney’s intervention, jurors who may hold biases against you could find their way onto the jury. Your attorney will vet and determine the eligibility of each juror on your case so that you are not subject to any unfair judgment.

Plea Bargain Determination

Your attorney may also help you determine if you should take a plea bargain for a reduced sentence. He or she will meet with the prosecution to determine your eligibility and the details of a plea bargain. With a criminal defense attorney, you can receive a reduced sentence or have some charges dropped.

Criminal defense attorneys perform many more actions than just trial representation, and they can provide numerous benefits for your criminal case. If you have not obtained the services of a criminal defense attorney for your Arizona case, contact one as soon as possible.