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Surprise Drug Crimes Lawyer

If you or somebody you care about has been charged with a drug crime charge, you could be facing serious consequences. These charges are taken very seriously by the state of Arizona, and you need to secure assistance from a skilled attorney immediately. At The Law Offices of John Phebus, our Surprise drug crimes lawyers are going to get to work investigating all aspects of your case so we can form a solid defense on your behalf.

Why choose The Law Offices of John Phebus to help?

The most important step you can take when facing a drug crime charge is to secure a skilled attorney. At The Law Offices of John Phebus, our Glendale criminal attorney is ready to defend you.

  • You can count on an attorney personally managing every aspect of your Surprise drug crime case.
  • We will be by your side throughout your entire case, from the initial court appearance through a potential trial.
  • We are very familiar with the courts and prosecutors in Maricopa County and in Surprise, Arizona.

Drug crimes can lead to serious consequences

When it comes to drug charges in Arizona, it is vital to understand the “threshold limits” that differentiate between possession charges (A.R.S. 13.3401-13.3423) and charges of intent to sell drugs (A.R.S. 13-3401(36)). While possession can lead to both misdemeanor and felony charges, possession of the following amounts of drugs can lead to more severe consequences:

  • Marijuana: 2 pounds
  • Heroin: 1 gram
  • Meth: 9 grams
  • LSD: ½ ml or 50 dosage units
  • Crack: 750 mg
  • PCP: 4 grams

For a possession case, a judge has the option of designating the offense a Class 1 misdemeanor, which could possibly be resolved through probation or some sort of drug treatment program.

If a person is charged with possession for sale or transportation for sale, they could face a felony offense that carries mandatory minimums for prison time. Even first-time offenders charged with possession for sale could face between 3 and 12.5 years in prison upon conviction.

How will your attorney help this case?

Your Surprise drug crimes attorney will be an invaluable asset. They will have the resources and experience necessary to conduct a thorough investigation into the charges against you. Your attorney could choose to employ a range of defenses on your behalf, including showing that:

  • There was a dispute over the amount of drugs a person had in their possession
  • There is a dispute of the value of the drugs confiscated
  • The police made procedural errors in the case
  • The drugs did not belong to the person charged
  • There was no intention of selling the drugs
  • The drugs were for medicinal or religious use

An attorney will weigh all the facts related to your case and discuss the defense strategy with you in-depth.

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There is no way to stress just how important a skilled attorney is for these cases. If you are facing a drug crime charge in Surprise, Arizona, the team at The Law Offices of John Phebus is ready to get to work on your behalf. We will thoroughly investigate the claims against you and work to build a solid defense in an effort to get the charges reduced or dismissed. Let our Surprise drug crimes lawyers get to work on your case today. You can contact us for a free case review r by calling us at (623) 847-7117 or you can also contact us online. We have office locations in Scottsdale, Glendale, Tempe, and Phoenix and our attorneys can arrange for weekend and evening consultations if necessary.