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Anyone facing assault charges in Northwest Phoenix, Arizona, must take steps to defend their rights immediately. At The Law Offices of John Phebus, our experienced team is ready to help you get through this. We have qualified NW Phoenix assault attorneys who are ready to conduct a thorough investigation into your case in order to formulate a sound defense to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

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Nobody should try to handle any assault charges in Arizona by themselves. The team at The Law Offices of John Phebus has the experience necessary to handle this for you.

  • We have over two decades of experience handling assault cases in NW Phoenix.
  • You can count on an experienced Glendale criminal defense attorney handling every aspect of your case, and we will communicate with you every step of the way.
  • Every prospective client receives a free telephone consultation about their case.

Types of Assault Charges in Arizona

In Arizona, there are two types of assault we need to discuss. Both types are crimes, and they both carry serious penalties.

Simple assault (A.R.S. 13-1203) misdemeanor charges typically apply if a person is accused of:

  • Putting another person in fear of bodily harm
  • Touching another person in a way intended to cause them injuries
  • Causing actual physical harm to another person

A person convicted of simple assault in Arizona could face up to 6 months in jail and a $2,500 fine.

Aggravated assault (A.R.S. 13-1204) felony charges are applied when there are certain aggravating factors to elevate the crime of assault. In NW Phoenix, and throughout AZ, a person will face these charges if they:

  • Cause serious physical harm to another person
  • Use a deadly weapon or other dangerous objects as a weapon
  • Cause substantial temporary disfigurement to a person
  • Cause impairment of someone’s bodily organ or body part
  • Fracture someone’s bone
  • Commit an assault on someone in their private residence
  • Commit assault on a person under the age of 15 (if the perpetrator is o18 or over)
  • Commits an assault on a protected person under the law (police officer, firefighter, medical professional, prosecutor, public defender, teacher, etc.)

These charges range from class 6 felonies to class 2 felonies, with prison terms from 18 months to 21 years upon conviction.

Why Should I Hire an Assault Defense Attorney?

Assault charges in Arizona are very difficult for a person to defend on their own. Aggressive prosecutors will use their resources against you, but an experienced NW Phoenix assault lawyer will be ready to conduct a thorough investigation into your case. Your attorney will be responsible for formulating the best defense strategy possible based on the facts of your case.

Some of the most common defenses used in an assault case include showing that the defendant:

  • Was actually defending themselves or their property when the incident occurred
  • Did not intend to commit the assault
  • Caused no actual physical harm in the assault
  • Was the victim of mistaken identity

In many instances, an assault attorney will be able to show that the police violated your constitutional rights pertaining to the case (Miranda violation, procedural errors, etc.).

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If you or a loved one are facing assault charges in Arizona, it is vital that you secure assistance from a skilled attorney immediately. At The Law Offices of John Phebus, we are ready to offer experienced assistance for your case. Our NW Phoenix assault attorneys will investigate the facts of your case in order to formulate a defense strategy on your behalf. You can contact us for a free consultation of your case by filling our online contact form or calling (623) 847-7117. We represent clients in Northwest Phoenix and throughout Maricopa County, Arizona.