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Being injured on the job is a terrible situation, but in most cases, there are systems in place to rely on to help make the situation easier as the employee recovers. Unfortunately, there are times when a work-related injury is not the fault of a fellow employee or the employer. In these cases, the work-related injury is caused by a third party.

Having legal support is important after any workplace accident, particularly when the party at fault is not affiliated with your workplace. The Law Offices of John Phebus have experience handling these types of cases so that you can focus on getting better after your accident and we can focus on getting you the money you deserve.

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Why Choose The Law Offices of John Phebus?

Many people are tempted to take a settlement offer after an accidental injury. The truth is, these settlements are often many times less than what the injury is worth or even what it will take to return to a normal life after an accident. Hiring a lawyer and fighting for what you deserve is the only way to get the amount of money needed to cover the true impact of your injuries.

Why choose our firm?

  1. We have made recoveries in the millions of dollars that our clients deserved in the Glendale area.
  2. We have years of experience handling Glendale area accident cases, including third party accidents.
  3. Attorney John Phebus has over 20 years of legal experience, giving him the ability to provide sound legal advice in a wide range of legal issues.
  4. We handle our cases on a contingency basis so that you don’t have to pay until we win for you.
  5. We don’t take insurance company offers, we’re prepared to fight and take every case all the way to trial.
  6. Our attorneys understand how insurance companies operate and use this knowledge to build strong cases for our clients.

What is a Third Party Claim?

When we consider a typical workplace injury it involves two parties, the injured party and the employer. Typically these claims are settled between the two parties and worker’s compensation insurance pays a settlement based on the damages.

However, in cases where an employee is injured because of a third party (neither the worker or the employer), the case becomes entirely different as worker’s compensation is not involved.

For example, if an employee is working at a business that has vendors that bring in merchandise and due to the negligence of one of the vendors that employee is injured, the vendor is now a third party and the case becomes a third-party work-related injury claim.

Types of Third-Party at Work Injuries

Injuries caused by a third party can be just as harmful and devastating as many other workplace accidents. Some of the most common types of third-party injuries include:

Slip and Falls Much like any other type of slip and fall injury, a third-party slip and fall injury in the workplace is most often due to the negligence of that third party to maintain proper safety standards. This can be as simple as failing to tie up loose equipment cords, failing to mop up messes, or just general neglect of work areas.

Car Accidents Because third parties often don’t know the rules of the workplace this can often result in automobile accidents due to things like failure to follow procedure, improper parking, or just plain bad driving. This can result in severe bodily injury.

Equipment Malfunction – Many times when a third party comes onto the work premises they bring their own equipment to do whatever task they are supposed to do. This unsafe equipment may not be up to the standards of your workplace or may simply be in poor repair, causing it to malfunction, which can injure workers or anyone nearby. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that in 2011, 472 workers were fatally injured after being struck by objects or equipment.

What to do After Your Third Party Work Injury

As we’ve explained, third-party injuries are not the same as traditional workman’s comp claims, this means the steps you take after your accident as well as the help you have are more important than ever in order to get compensation for your injuries.

The first step is to notify all parties involved. This means calling 911 or emergency services after the accident. You’ll also want to notify your employer so that they can also take action against the third party. Lastly, you’ll want to notify the third party of the accident or the managers of whoever caused the accident.

This ensures that everything is reported promptly and accurately and that details cannot be altered after the fact.

Next, you should begin the process of collecting evidence if possible. This can include pictures of the scene, statements from witnesses, descriptions of the conditions of the accident and any reports from police or non-partisan inspectors. These pieces of evidence will help bolster your case when the time comes to go to court.

Afterward, if you haven’t already, you need to visit a medical facility to get treatment for your injuries. Having an ER doctor or family physician treat you for your injuries will not only uncover the full extent of your injuries, which may not be discernible without a doctor’s help, it also provides valuable documentation of your injuries and damages from the accident which will further help your case when the time comes to go to trial.

Lastly, you’ll want to immediately seek legal counsel from one of our Glendale workplace injury attorneys. We will help you know what your case is worth and begin preparing immediately to get you the money to make you whole. We can also defend you against attacks and offers from the third party’s insurance company.

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