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What If I’m Pulled Over for DUI?

Do you know your rights if you are pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving? At the time of the traffic stop, your actions and decisions may have many ramifications.

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What To Do If You Are Stopped For Drunk Driving In Arizona

From the moment you hear a siren or see flashing lights in your rearview mirror, you are essentially under investigation for DUI. The law enforcement officer is watching for visible signs of impairment, and most likely the dashboard camera is recording you.

If you are asked for your license, registration, and/or proof of insurance, provide it. Try to appear cooperative, and be polite even if you are declining to answer certain questions.

  • You do not have to tell the officer how many drinks you’ve had. Any statements can and will be used against you.
  • You do not have to submit to roadside tests. There is no consequence in Arizona for refusing field sobriety tests – they are designed to find probable cause for “real” testing.
  • You should submit to a blood alcohol test (Intoxilyzer or blood draw) if you are taken into custody. First, you will be tested anyway under state law. Second, your license will be automatically suspended for one year (first offense) for refusal to submit to testing possibly with a restricted license.

If you are uncomfortable answering specific questions, or suspect at any point that you are in serious legal trouble, you should politely insist to talk to a lawyer. An attorney can protect your rights in terms of driver’s license suspension, impounding of your car, and gathering evidence against you for prosecution. Asking for a criminal defense attorney will not hurt your case in court.

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