Forever changed by negligence

Posted On May 21, 2015 Medical Malpractice

Five years ago, a young, pregnant woman went to visit her obstetrician. Six months into her pregnancy, she had signs of early-onset preeclampsia — a condition that puts the baby at great risk. The woman’s blood pressure was high and there was protein in her urine; red flags doctors should heed especially in pregnant women.

The doctor sent her to a community hospital where she was indeed diagnosed with severe preeclampsia. There were also indications that blood flow to the fetus was low; a red flag warning of possible brain injury to the baby. The woman wasn’t transferred to a high-level hospital and she wasn’t given medications that help prevent brain damage.

Instead, she underwent an emergency Caesarean section. Her baby was delivered with a severe brain injury and severe cerebral palsy. The little girl entered life as someone who would need nursing care every single day, as long as she lived.

A jury recently awarded compensation for those lifelong damages: $23 million to the heartbroken mother. According to a report, the mom’s medical malpractice attorney said he hopes that the verdict does more than help the mother and child; that it serves as a warning to other negligent doctors and hospitals.

While the case is across the nation from Arizona, the pain and suffering for that Florida family has been felt by Phoenix families too. They know their grief won’t end with the verdict. What it does do is ensure the girl, now five years old, gets the lifetime of care that she needs.

For those facing similar heartache because of a birth injury resulting from misdiagnosis, preventable medical mistakes or hospital errors, speak with an attorney experienced in pursuing justice for families in medical malpractice negotiations and litigation.