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We all want to feel safe when we go about our daily business. Shopping, banking, going to and from work, to concert venues or even having a few drinks with good friends, we all expect that we will be safe at the different places we visit throughout the day. The truth is, the average person is unaware of whether or not their security is being properly provided for. This makes it even more difficult to know what to do when the unexpected happens.

Property owners and managers have a duty to provide a safe premises for visitors and consumers. If visitors are not warned of danger, or guarded from harm, the property owners might be liable. If you or a loved one has been injured due to the negligence of a property manager, schedule a free consultation at The Law Offices of John Phebus.

Our experienced Glendale negligent security claim attorneys have handled a wide range of cases for injured clients. It is our goal to recover monetary compensation for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering through negotiating with the insurance carrier or taking the matter to court. Negligent security cases can be complex, but our firm has the legal knowledge and personal injury experience necessary to guide you through this process in the most efficient manner possible.

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There are certain security measures that must be taken, whether the property is an apartment complex, shopping mall, parking garage or office building. These measures can include:

  • Surveillance cameras
  • Well-lit areas
  • Trimmed foliage
  • Secured perimeters
  • Clean and clear stairwells
  • Brightly indicated exits

Based on the lack of safety features, history of the area and historical steps taken by property owners to protect visitors, we might be able to build a strong negligent security case. Clients trust our Glendale personal injury lawyers to fully investigate the attack and safety of the surrounding area. Count on us to aggressively pursue your full and fair compensation.

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What Should You Do After You’re Injured Due to Negligent Security?

The first thing to do is call for help by calling 911 to get emergency services headed your way. You won’t know the extent of your injuries until after you visit a medical professional, but even a minor slip and fall as a result of poor lighting, an unkempt floor, or broken safety rail can result in severe injuries and potential damages.

If possible, while you’re waiting for assistance, try to gather evidence of how the accident occurred and the negligent security factors that led to the accident. These can be pictures of the scene and the faulty conditions that led to the accident, statements from others about the state of the building or the lack of proper security, or even records and reviews of problems the business has had in the past due to poor security features.

In the case of damaged or lost property, it is important to have pictures, as well as an itemized list of what was lost as well as the respective value. This will help your case when it comes time to claim damages. Something as simple as having your car broken into because a store did not provide adequate security is enough to bring a negligent security lawsuit.

Most negligent security cases result from issues that can be easily addressed by property owners or managers, but aren’t. Simple things like failing to replace lighting, not installing security cameras to protect personal property or hiring security guards to protect patrons. Even failing to identify exits properly is a sign of security neglect.

Seeking medical attention from a licensed medical professional is the next step once you have alerted the authorities and gathered evidence. Going to the ER or a family doctor will allow you to get the treatment you need and document all of your injuries so that when the time comes to go to court, you have the proof you need to substantiate your injuries.

Lastly, it is crucially important not to discuss your case with anyone, especially the proprietor or employees of the establishment. From the moment you call 911, the insurance company and business owner will likely begin actively trying to discredit your case, saying that the accident or loss was somehow your fault and not the fault of the business.

Instead, hurry and speak with one of the negligent security attorneys at The Law Offices of John Phebus and let us get your case started right away!

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