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Glendale Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns are serious injuries that often lead to long recovery times, painful corrective procedures, and potentially permanent cosmetic and/or functional damage to the affected area. If you or a loved one recently sustained any type of burn injury caused by the negligent actions of another party, contact the Law Offices of John Phebus today to schedule a free case evaluation with a Glendale burn injury lawyer.

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Why Choose the Law Offices of John Phebus?

  • The attorneys at the Law Offices of John Phebus have more than 20 years of diverse legal experience in criminal law, personal injury law, and medical malpractice.
  • Founding personal injury attorney John Phebus is a respected member of the Arizona legal community, formerly serving as President of the West Maricopa County Bar Association and currently serving as the chairman for the Criminal Justice Section of the State Bar of Arizona.
  • Our attorneys have handled many burn injury cases and understand the devastating toll such injuries take on victims. We leverage our experience and resources to try and maximize every client’s recovery.
  • We offer free consultations to potential clients. This helps an individual better understand the legal implications of a situation and determine whether pursuing a lawsuit is the best option without signing a contract for legal representation.

How Can a Glendale Burn Injury Attorney Help?

A burn injury can require multiple restorative surgeries, ongoing treatments like physical therapy, and expensive specialist care. When a negligent party causes such serious damages, the victim should not have to pay for the results. A Glendale burn injury attorney will help a burn injury victim gather evidence to build a strong personal injury case against the responsible party. The burn injury attorney can also coordinate expert witness testimony to help prove the full extent of the client’s damages and handle correspondence with insurance claims adjusters.burn injury attorney in Glendale

Types and Severity Levels of Burn Injuries

Physicians classify burns based on type and degree.

  • First-degree burns only affect the outermost layer of the skin. Most first-degree burns do not require medical treatment unless they cover more than 10% of the skin’s surface area or a sensitive part of the body.
  • Second-degree burns penetrate the outermost skin and cause redness and painful blisters.
  • Third-degree burns destroy the layers of the skin and may appear charred or waxy.
  • Fourth-degree burns are any burns that completely expose underlying tissues, organs, bones, and muscles.

More severe burns have a higher chance of causing permanent damage. Affected areas of skin may lose their elasticity, inhibiting free range of motion or impairing fine motor functions. Different types of burns also entail additional risks. For example, chemical burns may cause symptoms like poisoning or respiratory damage. Thermal burns may require extensive skin grafting surgeries. Electrical burns may cause cardiopulmonary issues or nerve damage. Radiation burns, like sunburn, can increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer.

How Much is a Burn Injury Claim Worth in Arizona?

A burn injury may require expensive immediate and future medical treatment. The victim may not be able to work for an extended time or at all in the future depending on the severity of his or her injuries. Burn injuries are also excruciatingly painful and can result in lasting psychological damage from traumatic burns and disfigurement. A burn victim can potentially secure compensation for these and all other damages resulting from a burn injury caused by another party’s negligence.

The plaintiff’s attorney must prove the defendant owed a duty of care, violated that duty, and directly caused the plaintiff’s burn injuries, to succeed with a burn injury lawsuit. If you or a loved one recently suffered burn injuries due to the negligence of another party, contact the Law Offices of John Phebus today to schedule a free consultation with a Glendale burn injury lawyer.