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Arizona law forbids drag racing on streets or highways, and Phoenix area law enforcement officers have a low threshold for what constitutes racing, including take-offs from stoplights.

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Arizona’s Street Racing Laws

Arizona’s racing statute (28-708) states that a person shall not drive a vehicle or participate in any manner in a race, speed competition or contest, drag race or acceleration contest, test of physical endurance or exhibition of speed or acceleration or for the purpose of making a speed record on a street or highway.

Penalties for conviction of street racing (first offense) include:

  • Possible jail time and/or probation
  • A fine of not less than $250 or more plus surcharges
  • Community service

A second offense for street drag racing within 24 months can result in a class 6 felony:

  • Jail time or prison not less than 10-days, no probation
  • A fine of not less than $500, or more plus surcharges
  • Revocation of your license for one year

Racing counts as 8 points against your license. Accumulation of 8 points in one year results in Traffic Survival School, and 13 or more points can result in additional license suspension.

If drag racing leads to a catastrophic car accident or fatal accident, you will be charged with a felony crime and open yourself to liability in a personal injury claim or wrongful death lawsuit.


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