Glendale Product Liability Lawyer

Product manufacturers have an obligation to ensure the products they produce and sell do not pose any unreasonable risks to end users with the normal intended use. If you or a loved one sustained injuries or economic damages due to a defective consumer product, contact the Law Offices of John Phebus today to schedule a free case evaluation with a Glendale product liability lawyer.

Why Choose the Law Offices of John Phebus?

  • The product liability attorneys at the Law Offices of John Phebus offer a wide range of legal services and have more than 20 years of diverse experience across several legal disciplines, including personal injury and criminal defense.
  • Founding personal injury lawyer John Phebus regularly receives invitations to speak at legal seminars and is the current chairman of the Criminal Justice Section of the State Bar of Arizona.
  • Our firm believes in holding negligent product manufacturers accountable for the damage they cause and are not afraid of intense litigation against large companies.
  • We offer free consultations so potential clients can better understand their legal options before committing to legal representation.

How Can a Glendale Product Liability Attorney Help?

Large companies generally retain powerful in-house legal teams. An injured consumer may believe that he or she stands no chance of success in a lawsuit against such a company or assume that his or her injuries resulted from personal negligence. A Glendale product liability attorney can help determine if a product manufacturer released a defective product or if any other entity in the supply chain of a certain product introduced a dangerous element that harmed the client.

A product liability lawyer can gather evidence to support a client’s position, prove the full extent of his or her damages, and even manage correspondence with insurance companies if necessary. Glendale product liability attorneys can also coordinate with expert witnesses, like engineers, safety experts, or other relevant experts, who can provide professional insights into a product liability claim, such as clarifying whether a manufacturer abided by applicable labeling or manufacturing laws.

Types of Product Defects

To succeed with a product liability claim in Arizona, a plaintiff’s Glendale product liability attorney must prove that the product in question was defective and the sole cause of the plaintiff’s claimed damages. The plaintiff’s attorney does not necessarily need to prove the manufacturer was negligent. In fact, some product liability claims may flip the burden of proof to the defendant, requiring the manufacturer to prove it was not negligent in the production of the product in question.

Product defects exist in three main categories.

  • Products are defective by design if flaws in the design cause the same defect in every product produced using the flawed design.
  • Products may be defective by manufacturing if a production process malfunctioned, the manufacturer used a new, lower-quality raw material or part, or an equipment failure during production led to a defect.
  • Defective marketing pertains to the advertising and marketing of a product as well as included instructions for use and safety warnings. Failing to properly include safety warnings or adequate instructions for use can easily lead to user injuries.

Compensation for a Product Liability Claim

Just like any other injury claim, the plaintiff in a product liability claim can potentially receive compensation for any and all damages resulting from the defective product. A defective product may lead to serious injuries requiring extensive medical treatment, lost income from time spent out of work in recovery, property damage caused by the defective product, and pain and suffering associated with the victim’s other damages.

If you or a loved one suffered any type of injury from a defective product, contact the Law Offices of John Phebus today to schedule a free consultation with a Glendale product liability lawyer. Once we have the details of your situation, we can let you know how our firm can help.