How are Arizona police trained to perform field sobriety tests?

Posted On October 9, 2014 I Field Sobriety Tests

We have all seen it in movies or on television where the police officer pulls a swerving car to the side of the road. The driver is asked to step out of his car and the officer begins to ask the driver a series of questions or instructs the driver to perform certain actions in an effort to determine if the driver is drunk.

Field sobriety tests often questionable in DUI cases

Posted On September 25, 2014 I Field Sobriety Tests

Driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated charges are serious criminal accusations. It can be difficult to fight these allegations in court, as juries often side with the arresting officers. The primary evidence tends to be field sobriety tests, which can appear to incriminate the accused individuals.

Maricopa police testing new technology to record DUI stops

Posted On April 17, 2014 I Field Sobriety Tests

Law enforcement increasingly uses developing technology in its efforts to detect traffic violations. While subjective field sobriety tests such as walk and turn tests and eye movement are still used, more objective data is being gathered using more sophisticated video technology.

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