5 Common Questions To Ask Your Lawyer in Arizona

Posted On June 10, 2019 COVID-19 Resources,Personal Injury

Most personal injury lawyers offer free, zero-obligation consultations to prospective clients. These consultations are a way for both parties to meet, get to know each other, and for the client to get answers to pressing questions. You have the opportunity to ask a real attorney whether you have a case, and if so, what that case could be worth. Use your free case evaluation in Arizona to ask the right questions about your future.

1. How Long Have You Been in the Business?

You do not want to be a personal injury lawyer’s first real case. Your lawyer should have multiple years of experience as a licensed and practicing attorney. It is okay for the law firm to have newer lawyers on its team, but the actual attorney in charge of your case should have enough experience to know how the court process works and how to handle your case with the best possible strategy.

2. Do You Have Experience With Cases Like Mine?

No amount of legal education can replace real experience. Make sure your attorney has handled cases similar to yours. While no case will be exactly the same, the lawyer should have represented other cases in the same practice area. Ask if your personal injury lawyer specializes in your type of injury law. If you suffered a motor vehicle accident and may require representation from an experienced Glendale car accident lawyer. You may need help after a commercial truck accident, slip, and fall, animal attack, or workplace accident. Your lawyer should feel confident that he or she has the experience and resources to take on your specific case.

3. Who Will Actually Handle My Case?

The lawyer you speak with during your free consultation should be the same attorney handling your case. If not, the lawyer should at least introduce you to the attorney that will be taking the case. Do not settle for a firm that plans on passing your case off to an assistant, associate, or paralegal. While it is normal for lawyers to have assistance from others, your personal lawyer should be the one in charge of your claim. It is okay if your lawyer works together with other lawyers at the firm, however. Find out your point of contact.

4. What Are Your Fees?

In personal injury law, most attorneys and firms offer flexible payment options. The most common fee arrangement is a contingency fee basis. A contingency-based firm only charges for its legal services if it wins the case. This helps you as a victim because the firm takes all the risk of bringing the claim for you. You will not have to afford any payments up front. Instead, the law firm will take its fees directly from any settlement or compensation award won on your behalf. Make sure the lawyer will never take more of your award than you will receive. The typical fee percentage ranges from 33-42% depending on the case.

5. How Long Will My Case Take?

Most personal injury victims need compensation as soon as possible. Medical bills are piling up, on top of missed wages and expensive property repairs. Ask your lawyer how long he or she thinks it will take to resolve your case. While a timeline can be difficult to predict, your lawyer should at least have a ballpark idea of what to expect. The lawyer you choose should be able to start work on your case almost immediately, while the evidence is still fresh. If the firm appears to take on too many cases to provide one-on-one attention, look elsewhere.