Top 3 Driving Habits to Pick Up

Posted On May 8, 2018 Car Accidents by John Allen Phebus

No matter how long you have been driving, you may be guilty of exhibiting frustrating driving habits. Whether you know it or not, you have likely irritated at least a few drivers in your time on the road. It is important to keep other drivers happy on the road, as road rage is a serious problem and can lead to car accidents. Think about the way you drive, and adopt some new habits to improve your driving in 2018.

Watch Your Blind Spots…All of Them

Changing lanes can be a dangerous moment for you and any cars around you. Many drivers glance as a formality without thoroughly checking to be sure there is not another car beside them. If the other driver is not paying attention, cutting off a car can quickly become a dangerous or even fatal accident. Check your blind spots any time you are changing lanes. Especially if you drive a larger car, it is often difficult to see smaller vehicles next to you. Take the time to fully check to make sure the lane is clear.

Additionally, while you are not changing lanes, stay in your lane. It is extremely misleading for cars around you if you drift between lanes. Other drivers may think you are changing lanes and adjust their driving accordingly. Dedicate to stay in your lane, and when you decide to change lanes, watch your blind spots carefully.

Merge & Change Lanes Correctly

Merging is another hazardous moment on the road. Each driver needs to adjust his or her speed and pay close attention to the cars around them. Merging is especially dangerous during rush-hour. Not only is the road seriously saturated with vehicles, many drivers are impatient to get home and can be less willing to pause and let people into the lane. Be patient and take turns letting people into the lane.

It is also a good idea to wait as long as you can before changing lanes. Though it may feel rude driving to the front of traffic before getting in line, it is actually the preferable way for people to change lanes. Changing lanes early makes traffic extremely congested and can confuse people. Drive in a lane for as long as possible before moving over. If you wait, you will help keep the flow of traffic going, which is not only safer but exponentially less frustrating for other drivers.

Use Your Headlights During the Day Even Though The Sun is Out

Driver’s education classes teach specific rules about when drivers should turn on their headlights. Despite the lesson, most people just turn on their headlights when it is dark, and they cannot see properly anymore. However, headlights do more than help the driver see the road. They can also help drivers see each other. As it is getting later in the afternoon and early evening, turn on your headlights. It may seem pointless to have headlights on when it is still light outside, but it can prevent accidents. Headlights during the day reduce multiple-vehicle crashes, especially head-on collisions.

When you use your headlights, make sure they are on the correct setting. If you have your headlights on the brightest setting at night around other cars, it is extremely dangerous. Your headlights can potentially blind other drivers, distracting them from the road and making it harder to stay in their lane. Not only is it dangerous, however, it is annoying and will frustrate other drivers. Frustrated drivers are more likely to exhibit road rage, which can put everyone around you in danger. Keep your headlights on a low setting when you are on the highway or surrounded by many other cars, and wait to use your brights when there are no other cars heading toward you. If you suffered a car accident speak with a Peoria car accident lawyer to recover compensation to cover for medical expenses, property damage, and more. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation.