Common mistakes that college students make

Posted On June 14, 2017 Drunk Driving Charges by John Allen Phebus

Whether you are a soon-to-be college student or the parent of one, it helps to educate yourself about common mistakes that college students make.

The first mistake has to do with finances. Big surprise, right?

Being foolhardy with credit cards

Credit cards are easy to use. They are easy to abuse, too. In fact, just a few missed payments can affect your ability to buy a car or house a few years down the road. If you need a private student loan even sooner, you might not be able to get it. Budget so that you can pay off your card in full each month. If you cannot do that, it is best to wait to get a card.

Going for the prestige

A prestigious school can net rewards after graduation and open some doors. However, if that prestige comes at the cost of many tens of thousands of dollars you or your family cannot afford, it is probably not worth it. Plenty of students go to community college, transfer to four-year schools and become huge successes.

Neglecting balance in life

Some college students may party all the time. Others may study all the time. What both groups have in common is a lack of balance. Even introverts benefit from socializing every once in a while. Keep up your healthy exercise routines, and make time for friendships, both old and new.

Not taking mistakes and charges seriously

Many college students do not react seriously enough if they are accused of plagiarism or, say, charged with DUI. Did you know that in Arizona, someone under 21 can face charges with a mere 0.01 BAC? A DUI charge is not like a parking ticket; the consequences can include driver’s license suspension and a misdemeanor conviction that follows you around for the rest of your life. Even if you are 21 or older, the possible penalties of a DUI in Arizona are nothing to laugh at.

Often, getting in touch with an attorney as soon as possible is the key to fighting a DUI charge. Take advantage of free consultations to ensure that you have an attorney you feel will best advocate for you.