Understanding endometriosis

Posted On March 13, 2017 Medical Malpractice by John Allen Phebus

Endometriosis is a medical condition that affects about 10 percent of women. However, a large number of women in Arizona and the rest of the country are unaware of its symptoms.

According to a representative of HealthyWomen, a nonprofit organization, many women may attribute their endometriosis symptoms to those associated with their monthly period. This may include painful sex, bowel movements, urination or other types of discomfort in the pelvic area.

Endometriosis occurs when the tissue that is normally located in the uterus begins to develop in other parts of the body. This can result in long-term pelvic pain during and in between a woman’s period.

According to a recent survey, although two-thirds of women know someone who has the condition, just 29 percent of women can accurately identity the symptoms of endometriosis. The results of the survey indicate that women should be educated more on the condition, which, if untreated, can result in fertility complications and pelvic inflammatory disease.

The need for endometriosis education also applies to medical professionals. Forty-two percent of women who have the condition stated that they were advised by a healthcare professional that the pain they were experiencing was to be expected because of their sex. Almost half of the women reported that they were told their symptoms were ordinary.

One fact that causes some surprise is the 42 percent of women who are unaware that a common symptom of endometriosis is pain during sex. It indicates that painful sex is considered normal by many women and that healthcare professionals are not advising their patients about sexual health.

The misdiagnosis of chronic conditions, such as endometriosis, is a form of medical malpractice. A personal injury attorney may help a medical malpractice victim obtain financial compensation for a worsened medical condition or delayed treatment.