False-positives may cause women to skip mammograms

Posted On February 13, 2017 Medical Malpractice by John Allen Phebus

According to a study, many women in Arizona and around the country delay or skip their next mammogram due to prior false-positive results. A false-positive result on a mammogram is often caused by an aberration that resembles cancer. These aberrations are then shown to be benign following a biopsy or additional imaging.

Because there may be some time between the initial mammogram screening and additional testing, some women may go through a period of distress. They may also go through additional procedures that often end up being unnecessary. This experience can cause some women to skip their next scheduled mammogram. However, this can be fatal, as it is best to detect tumors as soon as possible to give the patient the best potential outcome.

A breast imaging specialist stated that if women over the age of 50 began to skip their mammogram screenings every other year, up to 30 percent of breast cancer cases would be missed. To prevent this, patients should be told that mammograms can result in false-positives. By keeping patients in the loop, doctors may be able to help alleviate patients’ fears and keep them coming back to get their next screening.

If a doctor misdiagnoses breast cancer, patients could suffer a worsened condition that could even potentially result in their death. If they have evidence that the doctor misread the test results, preventing them from seeking immediate treatment, a medical malpractice attorney may assist with filing a lawsuit against the doctor and the healthcare facility. The attorney may provide evidence that proves that the doctor was negligent when interpreting the results of the test, including expert witness testimony and the patient’s own medical records.