Holiday Driving And DUIs

Posted On November 3, 2016 Drunk Driving Charges by John Allen Phebus

It is easy during the holidays when you gather with friends and family to consume more alcohol than you intended. Once you do, you must decide whether to drive you or someone else home. If you decide it is safe to get behind the wheel and you are stopped by law enforcement in Arizona, it is likely you will spend part of your holiday behind bars.

Arizona is known for being a no-tolerance state for driving under the influence, whether drugs or alcohol. Even if your blood-alcohol test shows you less than the legal limit of consumption, which is .08, you can still be taken to jail if an officer suspects you are impaired or unsafe to drive.

It is never a good idea to make the decision to drive a vehicle after a few drinks. Once you are caught in the legal web of a DUI, the costs will be high to you in more ways than one. Financially, according to the Arizona Department of Public Safety, it could cost you thousands of dollars in legal and court fees, blood tests, possible counseling and community service hours, the loss of a job, an interlock device on your vehicle and even jail or prison time. In addition, the penalties are more severe depending on whether you have had any previous arrests for DUI and what your blood-alcohol content registers at the time of your arrest.

No Drinking And Driving Is the Best Solution

While a DUI arrest is a scary thought, it is not the end of the world should you find yourself in that position. The law firm of John Phebus, urges motorists to make a plan before you travel if you plan on consuming alcohol. Consider these tips before you get behind the wheel of a vehicle:

  • Stay alert and put down the cell phone.
  • Do not exceed the speed limit
  • Designate a driver or plan to call a taxi before you leave for the holiday party.
  • Watch out for drivers who might be driving under the influence.

Make a plan to stay overnight and give your keys to your host if you are not sure you can trust yourself after you have been drinking.

Being arrested for a DUI is not a death sentence, but it will take some time to clear yourself of the crime in Arizona. If you find yourself in that position, your first call should be to the law offices of John Phebus. Know your rights before you go before a judge and trust an expert to be there with you to protect them. Have a happy holiday season and know we are here should you need us.