Reducing the Associated DUI Emotional Conflict

Posted On October 5, 2016 Drunk Driving Written by John Allen Phebus

According to “Arizona Motor Vehicle Crash Facts 2015,” alcohol-related accidents stripped this state of 266 living souls (1). Seventy-two of these deaths involved a vehicle collision with a pedestrian. Eighty-eight more people died due to DUI-related collision with a motor vehicle in transport. And although death is the most serious of consequences, drunk driving also produces a tremendous number of personal injuries. In 2015, over 602 DUI-related crash injuries resulted from driver collisions with fixed objects. The 2015 Arizona statistics for fixed-object collisions also included 82 deaths. Both victims and offenders endure physical, financial and emotion losses.

Accidents related to drunk driving affect passengers, other drivers, pedestrians, and the families of all involved persons. And, although often cast aside by society, the offender also experiences extended consequences of the event. Imagine a college student DUI and the effects such an event can have on a young person’s promises toward a productive and reliable future lifestyle.

Forget the immediate pain. Just consider the long-term complications of being personally responsible for so much destruction. A grief-stricken DUI offender can experience depression, flashbacks and even haunting memories of minor changes that could have prevented the entire ordeal. They lose sleep, experience a loss of self-concern, and often sink into spiritual confusion. Drunk drivers do not get off easy. Even if the incident does not involve a death, a permanent injury or a lengthy prison sentence, the consequences often include:

  • Shame
  • Memories that complicate mental alertness
  • Extreme pressure that generates flashes of anger and family discourse
  • AND even the exaggerated responses that accompany an overly vigilant daily life style.

Sorrow Increases The Need For An Effective AZ DUI Defense Lawyer

The battle with personal guilt may outweigh any other expense, including your search for a great Arizona attorney. But even though overwhelmed by emotions, you still need quality and effective legal DUI defense. Resolving the financial and physical consequences greatly reduce the overall burdens that can hinder long-term healing.

Enduring arrest for an Arizona drunk driving charge is only the beginning. If the DUI incident involves injury to another person, the charge can be upped to an Aggravated Felony DUI. In Arizona, injury DUI penalties can include:

  • Mandatory substance abuse counseling and screening
  • Installation of an automotive ignition interlock device at your expense
  • AND even a minimum 5 to 18 years in prison.

An effective Arizona defense lawyer avails you with the greatest possibility of getting your case reduced to a lesser charge or perhaps even completely dismissed. You want the best outcome to the problem. We will work for you, even seeking to challenge and suppress evidence that the prosecution may attempt to use against you.


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