Medical disciplinary records hard to find

Posted On April 5, 2016 Medical Malpractice by John Allen Phebus

Arizona patients need to be able to have a good relationship with their doctors. When people need medical treatment, they necessarily have to place their trust in the physician that provides them with care. Unfortunately, many doctors across the country have committed acts of medical malpractice, some of which are quite egregious.

According to Consumer Reports, it is very hard for people to be able to find out if their doctor has a history with the state’s medical disciplinary board. Some doctors have committed such acts as overprescribing drugs, drinking and driving while on call and other such instances of poorbehavior. Many who do such things are placed on probation, but they are able to continue practicing medicine during their terms.

There is no requirement that doctors have to tell patients if they are on probation. While acts of medical malpractice are documented in the National Practitioner Data Bank, that database is only accessible to select groups, such as law enforcement, hospitals, insurance companies and doctors. Patients can research their physicians on their state’s medical board website, but the information can be difficult to find.

When a doctor has a history of committing medical professional negligence, it seems patients should have a right to know so they can make better-informed decisions regarding their care. Unfortunately, patients are not given ready access to this type of information, and some will see their conditions worsen or otherwise be harmed by a doctor’s mistakes. Medical malpractice attorneys will examine a client’s hospital records and obtain the opinions of medical experts in order to determine whether there was a failure to exhibit the requisite standard of care.