Police arrest drunken driver with a tree in her grille

In Roselle, Illinois, police recently pulled over a woman driving down the road on suspicion of drunken driving. Another motorist called a tip into police after seeing a woman driving down the road with a 15-foot-tall tree attached to the front of her car.

When the officers approached the vehicle, they noticed that the driver of the vehicle smelled of alcohol and that the airbags had deployed. The driver admitted to hitting the tree somewhere in nearby Schaumberg. Officers performed field sobriety tests on the driver, and she was unable to pass them.

The officers arrested the driver and booked her into jail for driving under the influence. The police posted a picture of the car with the tree on it to their Facebook page with a caption about why drinking and driving is not a good idea.

The first thing that anybody facing drunken driving charges should remember is to contact an attorney before making any statements. An attorney can represent the driver throughout the process and prepare a case to defend against the accusation. Drivers charged with a DUI can lose driving privileges, and the court may impose large fines and additional costs with this. The court can even place the driver on probation and require him or her to attend driver safety classes.

Depending on the specific circumstances around the case, the attorney may negotiate a guilty plea with the court to reduce some of the penalties that the driver will face. The attorney could also request that any evidence that the officers obtained unlawfully be removed from the case, giving the driver a better chance in court. In either case, the attorney will try to minimize the fines and penalties that the driver faces.