Thanksgiving and fall break could mean increased DUI enforcement

Posted On October 13, 2015 Drunk Driving by John Allen Phebus

Students in colleges and universities throughout Arizona are studying for midterms and looking forward to fall and Thanksgiving break. However, college students should be just as wary of DUI enforcement while on campus as they are going home. Those meetings at home over break with old friends and family at bars and restaurants could unfortunately turn into a drunk driving charge.

State patrol and local law enforcement generally increase DUI patrols and stops during the holidays. College students going home for fall and Thanksgiving break should be especially wary this time of year. A drunk driving or underage drinking charge is the last thing a student wants on his or her record. Thousands of tuition dollars are spent towards a degree. A single conviction could make all of that money invested towards a professional career a waste. Even financial aid and scholarships can be taken away due to disqualification.

Here are some tips to help avoid getting a DUI during this fall semester’s breaks:

  1. Consider planning a sober driver ahead of time. This could be a parent or someone who does not plan on drinking at all.
  2. Create a get-to-together that does not involve your friends driving home. Instead, plan a party at someone’s home and have your friends stay the night.
  3. Decide not to drink and instead enjoy the quality time with family and friends that does not involve drinking alcohol.
  4. Call Uber or a taxi. This may cost money but getting a DUI will be costlier.

Students that do find themselves in trouble over Thanksgiving or fall break need to act quickly by hiring experienced defense counsel. The decision between hiring a lawyer with little experience defending DUIs and a seasoned DUI criminal defense attorney truly could mean the difference between going to jail and getting a plea deal. Talk to a skilled criminal defense attorney immediately.