Phoenix Mercury star rebounding from domestic violence charge

Last season ended in glory for the Phoenix Mercury, who won their third WNBA title. Star center Brittney Griner helped lead the sweep of the Chicago Sky in the finals.

The offseason has been a lot bumpier than the tough pro basketball life, however, as 6-foot-eight-inch Griner was arrested at her Phoenix-area home for domestic violence along with her fiancée, Glory Johnson of the Tulsa Shock. Both had minor injuries after the incident. Days later, both made good on their promises to each other and took wedding vows and shared photos showing them as a glowing couple.

Griner has been suspended for the first seven games of the coming season. Many WNBA fans are already looking ahead to July 2, when Phoenix faces Tulsa, pitting the two spouses against each other on the hardwood.

A recent profile in the Washington Post doesn’t depict Griner and her wife as caught up in violence as a way of life, but rather as two people who got caught up in a moment and wound up casting the wrong light on their relationship. They are apparently committed to each other long-term and don’t intend to let that bad moment define them or their relationship.

This is in many situations true in other domestic violence cases. Sometimes both parties would prefer to get back to each other and their life together than dealing with court dates and possible punishments. That’s why someone charged with domestic violence will turn to an attorney for professional legal assistance in negotiating a resolution that is favorable and fair to all.