In a brief life, he excelled

Posted On May 18, 2015 Wrongful Death

A Phoenix teenager was about to soar to the rank of Eagle Scout in his beloved Boy Scouts. The Sunnyslope High School sophomore had other passions in life, too, such as playing the clarinet, making his friends laugh and working hard to attain good grades. Perhaps his greatest passion was for helping his disabled mother, however.

On a recent day, he was standing near a bus stop, waiting for his morning ride to school. That’s when two trucks collided at Central and Glendale avenues. The impact of the violent collision sent a trailer pulled by one of the vehicles spinning off the road, slamming into the bus stop and the boy. The 16-year-old died a short while later of his injuries.

Authorities have not stated if they know yet which of the two drivers was responsible for the fatal truck accident. They did say that they do not suspect that speed, alcohol and drugs do not appear to have been factors in the tragedy, according to one TV news report.

A second report showed the boy’s Scout leader talking through her tears about how she and her troop will speak with the Boy Scouts organization to see if they can get his achievements recognized posthumously.

Understandably, the lad’s mother didn’t appear on camera. We can only imagine the pain she is enduring today.

While some people in similar situations will opt not to pursue compensation for their losses — personal losses, as well as expected financial damages — many will choose to pursue justice for their loved one. That can mean holding accountable those responsible for the damages.

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