Charges and more charges

Posted On May 7, 2015 Felonies by John Allen Phebus

Have you ever awakened from a bad dream and for just a moment believed that the dream was real? Perhaps that’s what happened in Phoenix recently, when police responded to a call of a man sleeping in his car parked near Thomas Road and Avondale Boulevard.

When officers woke him up, they said he rolled his black Nissan into a police vehicle, then nearly hit two firefighters as he drove off.

Unsurprisingly, police vehicles pursued him, following him for 11 miles. He finally came to a stop near 38th Avenue and McDowell Road where he reportedly “rammed a police vehicle with his car.” He was then taken into custody.

A police official said officers believe the man was impaired at the time, and that he was charged with DUI. Officers also reported finding marijuana in his vehicle, so he was additionally charged with pot possession, aggravated assault and felony flight.

Clearly, he’s in deep legal trouble, the station reports. Many people in similar situations despair of their situation and file a guilty plea in the mistaken belief that that will bring the ordeal to a swift close. Unfortunately, they quickly find out that they have left themselves to the mercy of the court, and the court might well not be inclined toward compassion.

It makes much more sense to decline to speak to prosecutors in favor of talking to a criminal defense attorney. Rather than pleading for mercy, the lawyer can negotiate with prosecutors to secure a favorable plea agreement in which some charges might be dropped and others reduced. In that way, potential punishment is minimized.

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