Arizona man arrested on suspicion of DUI after two accidents

Posted On June 26, 2014 Drunk Driving Charges

An Arizona man has been arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after his involvement in two car accidents. Although he has not been formally charged with DUI yet, an investigation into his actions is underway and police are searching for reasons why this man allegedly caused multiple accidents in one day in the Phoenix area.

Police allege that the man directed his car onto a southbound freeway, where he merged with traffic and cut off a motorcyclist. The lane change caused the motorcyclist to lose control and he was thrown from his motorcycle, suffering what police have said are serious injuries. The police further claim that the motorist then fled the scene and continued to drive erratically, causing another accident.

Ultimately police were able to apprehend the suspect in a cornfield near the scene of the second accident.

It is important to stress that in this case, as in all criminal investigations, the man being investigated for DUI is innocent until proven guilty in an Arizona court of law. Regardless of his fate in the courtroom however, this case should serve as an example of the seriousness with which police all over Arizona treat drunk driving charges, especially when an accident is alleged to have taken place in connection with that DUI. Even though it took chasing him into a cornfield, police were committed to bringing in their suspect.

The driver in this case could be facing serious charges, and his attempt to flee the scene could only make matters worse. If charged and convicted, he could be facing jail time, enormous fines and other damaging consequences.

The stakes in any case involving suspected DUI can be quite high, so it is important to remember that when suspected of a DUI, or any related charges, you have rights under the law. As such, it may be in your best interest to speak with a criminal defense attorney in Glendale to consider your legal options.

Source:  ABC 15 Arizona, “Driver arrested after serious crash on Loop 101,” June 21, 2014