Phoenix teens learn lesson about driving under the influence

Posted On March 20, 2014 Drunk Driving Charges by John Allen Phebus

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol can have terrible consequences, both for those injured in an accident, and for those who are charged with a crime. Even if no one is injured, and even if no car accident results, a person who has been charged with drunk driving can potentially face serious penalties, including jail, probation, and a license suspension.

It is always best to prevent these types of negative consequences by choosing not to get behind the wheel while drunk, but in some cases Arizona residents do end up facing DUI charges whether or not they were truly too drunk to drive.

A Phoenix area high school recently took an innovative approach to educating students about the potential seriousness of the consequences of driving while intoxicated, which could be as severe as a felony DUI. The hope is that fewer students will make the choice to drink and drive after undergoing the educational program.

The high school staged a mock DUI crash, complete with police, firefighters, victims, and arrests. The scenario depicted a young intoxicated driver who crashed into another vehicle, resulting in the simulated death of a fellow student.

Although this was a staged event, the realities of a drunk driving incident can be daunting. It is best for students in Arizona – and for adults — to avoid such a situation at all costs. However, those who do find themselves facing DUI charges should be aware that they have rights.

One student who was interviewed said he thought that the mock crash was “important” for teens to see because so many “think they are invincible.” Many young Arizona residents do think that nothing bad will ever happen to them. They might think that they can drink and drive without being involved in car accidents, and even that they can easily get out of a drunk driving charge if they are caught. Neither of these things are true; teenagers need to be responsible, and should they find themselves in legal trouble, it can be critical to seek criminal defense counsel in order to protect their futures.

Source:, “Mock DUI crash held at Valley High School,” Sandra Haros, March 14, 2014