Over 200 DUI arrests made in Arizona on St. Patrick’s Day

The unofficial tradition of alcohol consumption to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day has brought Arizona law enforcement officials out in force over the past several years. The Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety sponsors a St. Patrick’s Day DUI task force each year, made up of paid and volunteer personnel from police departments, sheriff’s offices, and highway patrol.

This year the task force stopped over 3,900 drivers for DUI, speeding and other minor traffic violations, according to a news report. Over the holiday, 205 arrests were made for misdemeanor DUI offenses, and 81 arrests were made for extreme DUI.

Extreme DUI is the term used to refer to the fact that a person who drives while extremely intoxicated will receive more serious consequences upon conviction. Extreme DUI occurs when the driver’s BAC is .15 or greater within two hours of operating a vehicle. The potential consequences of extreme DUI include a 30-day jail sentence, fines, license suspension, probation, community service, and vehicle impoundment.

Drunk driving, whether extreme or not, is aggressively prosecuted in Arizona.

As with the St. Patrick’s Day task force, during holidays and other times associated with high rates of alcohol consumption, law enforcement maintains a heightened level of awareness, actively looking for signs that drivers may be driving under the influence. Police, of course, may make mistakes and arrest those who are not in violation of drunk driving laws. In any event, if you find yourself facing drunk driving charges in Arizona, seeking legal advice is an advisable course of action.


Source: KTAR News, “Arizona authorities arrest more than 200 for St. Patrick’s DUI,” March 17, 2014