Say ‘cheese!’ New BAC tests utilize facial mapping

Posted On February 25, 2014 Blood Alcohol Tests by John Allen Phebus

Blood alcohol tests are used by law enforcement officials to determine the possible level of driver impairment in order to establish a drunk driving charge. Results of these tests are used to determine whether an individual in Arizona can be charged with Driving Under the Influence, Extreme DUI or Super Extreme DUI.

But did you know that these tests are often used to regulate driver impairment after a drunk driving conviction too? A driver convicted of a drunk driving offense may be required to install an ignition interlock and other related devices. A company has even come up with a way to use facial mapping to ensure that the individual taking a breath test is who they say they are.

Alcohol Monitoring Systems is a company that manufactures a number of alcohol monitoring products, including the new SCRAM Remote Breath device. This device, as noted above, uses facial mapping to match the identity of the device user with images on file.

According to AMS, this would reduce the number of law enforcement resources necessary to keep up with alcohol monitoring. Instead of requiring a personal touch for every photo, only those that are unable to be matched with a baseline image would be flagged for further, human review.

The company said that this product could even be used in conjunction with another monitoring product to flag individuals that could be more or less likely to become a repeat offender. This second product is the Continuous Alcohol Monitoring bracelet that analyzes an individual’s sweat to determine BAC periodically thoroughout each day.

Consistent sober readings on a CAM bracelet could mean that an individual’s ignition interlock recordings might need less attention. Then, there is the opposite situation in which a failed breath test might prompt law enforcement officials to increase CAM monitoring.

These devices may make life easier for law enforcement, but they can be a considerable intrusion in the life of an individual forced to live under the requirement. Reducing possible DUI penalties in Arizona is only one reason why individuals charged with a DUI should consult with a Glendale criminal lawyer.

Source: Government Security News, “Alcohol Monitoring Systems’ SCRAM intelligent Breathalyzer records face and location,” Ashley Bennett, Feb. 21, 2014