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What to know about Arizona sexual assault statutes

In the state of Arizona, a person may be charged with sexual assault by having sexual intercourse of oral sexual contact with another person without consent. If the victim is under the age of 15, there may be harsher penalties for those who are convicted of the crime. In some cases, verbal threats or other forms of intimidation may be used on a victim.

Understanding crime on college campuses

There is a lot of attention and scrutiny on America's colleges, especially in light of recent publicity about several high-profile sexual assault cases and the response that some schools have had, or not had, to the phenomenon. For today's college students, this information often comes out of context, though. This can lead to an environment of excessive fear, and it can also lead to recklessness in other areas as students misunderstand the real risks that come with campus life. Those risks can also include being accused of crimes that you did not commit.

Firearm ownership laws in Arizona

As many of the state's residents already know, Arizona's laws are very lenient when it comes to gun ownership. In fact, compared with other states, Arizona ranks as one of the easiest states for residents wishing to legally obtain a firearm.

Charges and more charges

Have you ever awakened from a bad dream and for just a moment believed that the dream was real? Perhaps that's what happened in Phoenix recently, when police responded to a call of a man sleeping in his car parked near Thomas Road and Avondale Boulevard.

Rape accusations retracted

Phoenix TV station KSAZ reports that a headline-grabbing article that alleged a university gang rape has been retracted by Rolling Stone magazine. The retraction comes after a top journalism school's scathing review of the article that initially shocked readers and prompted protests at the University of Virginia, where the alleged rape took place.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputy’s drug charges to be dropped

The U.S. Constitution’s Fourth Amendment protects Americans against unreasonable searches by our government. That means law enforcement can’t go into our homes or eavesdrop on our private conversations without probable cause and a search warrant.

What is a felony DUI under Arizona law?

Arizona law with regard to drunk driving implements an escalating scale of severity for repeat offenses. While a single DUI can result in significant penalties, including mandatory jail time, fines, community service and suspension of driving privileges, being convicted of repeat violations or drunk driving under certain special circumstances enhances the severity of the punishments.

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