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Police may have engaged in illegal wiretapping operation

Arizona residents might be interested in a wiretapping operation that is being investigated for breaking federal law. Law enforcement officers in a single Los Angeles suburb were reportedly behind one out of five wiretaps in the United States in 2014. While authorization for wiretaps is not supposed to be easy for police to obtain, federal drug investigators in Riverside County listened in on the phone conversations of 52,000 people since the middle of 2013.

Why Under 21 Alcohol Violations Are So Serious In Arizona

There are two major reasons why underage drivers should be extra careful on the roads this holiday season. They are: 1) for their safety and 2) for their future. As to the first major reason, too many people are killed on Arizona roadways each year. Many are caused by or related to alcohol.

Slips and falls in Arizona hospitals

If someone slips and falls in a hospital, whether it is a case of medical malpractice can depend on a number of factors. It is important to determine if a case involves medical malpractice or simple negligence because it can have a significant effect on the procedural steps that must be taken by the plaintiff.

Family of man shot at Zombicon files lawsuit

Arizona residents may have heard about a shooting at an annual horror-themed charity event, Zombicon. The shooting happened at the event in Fort Myers, Florida, about two weeks before Halloween and resulted in the death of a 20-year-old man. Several others were injured. On Nov. 2, the man's grandmother filed a wrongful death suit against the organizers of Zombicon. Lawsuits against the city and the police department are planned as well.

Health care providers and the duty of care

There are several facts that need to be established in an Arizona medical malpractice case. First, a plaintiff must establish that a health care provider owed him or her a duty of care. Second, it must be determined what the appropriate level of care was based on the circumstances in the case. This may be established either through the plaintiff's testimony or through that person's medical records.

More than half of all federal inmates are serving drug sentences

Arizona residents probably already know that lawmakers have harshly criticized minimum mandatory sentences for nonviolent drug offenses. Many of these sentencing laws were passed in the 1980s as the introduction of crack cocaine into America's cities triggered a surge in violent crime.

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