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Information helps cancer patients in most situations

Arizona residents may be interested to learn that a new study indicates that cancer patients do better with certain types of information about their diagnosis. Unfortunately, older studies also indicate that misdiagnosis among cancer patients is common. Studies in 2013 and 2014 found that while nearly 30 percent of all news is not correct, wrong information is particularly common for some types of cancer. More than 70 percent of mammograms and lung cancer scans had errors.

Pharmacists make more errors when they are busy

Anyone who has ever stood in line at a pharmacy in Arizona knows that they can be busy places. In addition to filling orders, pharmacists must counsel patients, communicate with insurers and perform other tasks. New research shows that the busier a pharmacist is, the greater likelihood there is of making a mistake.

Misdiagnosis is a common medical mistake

Arizona patients may have heard horror stories about medical mistakes like wrong-site surgeries or botched prescriptions, but they may not be aware of another common doctor error: misdiagnosis. Studies indicate that physicians get diagnoses wrong 5 to 15 percent of the time, and the consequences can be deadly.

Diagnostic errors by Arizona physicians

Patients who are misdiagnosed could suffer serious injury or even death. One man was diagnosed with sinusitis when he actually had Ebola, and he infected two nurses after returning to the hospital two days after the initial diagnosis. The man eventually succumbed to the disease. While a misdiagnosis can be tragic, mistakes occur at the estimated rate of once per every 20 diagnoses made each year.

Firearm ownership laws in Arizona

As many of the state's residents already know, Arizona's laws are very lenient when it comes to gun ownership. In fact, compared with other states, Arizona ranks as one of the easiest states for residents wishing to legally obtain a firearm.

New study raises questions about surgery and sleep deprivation

Arizona patients may be interested in a new study in which the authors claim that there is no significant risk increase for surgery when the doctor has not slept the night before the procedure. The study's findings are contradictory with other research, a fact that has been pointed out by the author of a similar study from 2009.

What Arizona college students need to know about DUIs this fall

As college students head back to Arizona campuses this fall, it is important to remember that DUI enforcement often increases around the Labor Day weekend. Students should strongly consider the use of a sober driver, taxi, bus or other type of safe transportation if they know they will be drinking.

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